It's all about hunting pips 
by study & strategy,
not by guessing or gambling

Astonishing strategy, Astonishing profits at Special price ... will carry your trading to a higher level of professionalization. 

We bring to you the most profitable Experts & Robots that acquired the acceptance of thousands of traders who made a millions of dollars in Forex investment. 


Welcome to the site

Thanks for visiting the site, this site is about FOREX trading. We have one target; guiding you to sit infront of your monitor BORED, yes ........ bored and relaxed while executing and managing your positions.
This could be achieved only by turning every activity and step you take in your way to analyse the market and charts into a "Habit" and a "Routine". I do not mean a completely "Mindless" process, we have a place for discretion, which is also determined beforehand.

This could be achieved by having a knowledge and having a system, two things that site will provide you with. 

I hope you spend a profitable time at the site, profitable time and pips as well.

Let's take a tour to the site

Forex Books & Articles

There, we will collect an extremely essential trading books and articles for you to be a profitable trader. These resources will be updated and a new ones will be added from time to time...


Trading Strategies

This is a collection of systems i have been using some of them over the years with consistent profitable results, and some of them used by other traders like you and me. I would like to share them with you, and hope they give you many pips....


Metatrader Indicators

This page contains hundreds of MT4 indicators, that have special uses within the chart or with another indicators...... 


Forex in a Capsule

There we introduce a huge amounts of information about forex in a capsule..... 


Forex Giggles 

This is page is like a garden, go to feel relax, release, and giggle. After that you free to go back to other pages to enjoy tension .....



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